Belvedér - breathtaking view of the Elbe River Gorge

The Belvedér viewpoint is one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the Bohemian Central Highlands, offering a panoramic view of the Elbe River Gorge and the surrounding countryside. This place is ideal for nature lovers, hiking and photography. Get ready for a trip full of beautiful views and picturesque nature.

Planning a trip

The trip to the Belvedér Lookout is suitable for all ages, including families with children and seniors. The starting point of the trip is the village of Dolní Žleb, which is easily accessible by car or train from nearby towns such as Děčín or Ústí nad Labem.

Route of the trip

The trip starts in the village of Dolní Žleb, from where you will follow marked hiking trails towards the Belvedér Lookout. The route is about 3 km long and leads mostly through the forest with a few small climbs. Once you arrive at the viewpoint, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Elbe River Gorge and the surrounding countryside.

Other attractions in the area

In addition to the Belvedér viewpoint, you can also visit other attractions in the area, such as:

  1. Děčín Castle: The historic castle is located in the town of Děčín and offers tours of the castle, the castle garden and the lookout tower. The castle is surrounded by beautiful nature and offers a beautiful view of the Elbe River.
  2. Labské pískovce: Labské pískovce is a part of the National Park Czech Switzerland and offers a number of interesting rock formations such as Pravčická brána, Dolský mlýn or gorges of the Kamenice river.

Practical information

Make sure you have plenty of water, snacks, suitable clothing and good hiking boots before you go to the Belvedere Lookout. In the Bohemian Central Highlands, entrance fees are charged to some protected areas, but the Belvedér Lookout is free of charge. Weather in the mountains can be variable, so it is advisable to monitor the current forecast and adapt your trip to the conditions.

In Dolní Žleb and in the surrounding towns you can find basic amenities such as restaurants, accommodation and shops. However, it is advisable to bring most of the necessary items for the trip. Don’t forget to take a camera or a mobile phone with a good camera to capture the beautiful views from the Belvedere Lookout and other places you visit.

Trip extension options

If you would like to explore other places around Belvedér Lookout, you can consider the following options:

  1. Tiské stěny: Tiské stěny is part of the National Park Czech Switzerland and offers unique rock formations, sandstone walls and ravines. Tiské walls are ideal for nature lovers and hikers.
  2. Pastyřská stěna: This rock lookout point is located near the village Jetřichovice in the Czech Switzerland National Park. The Shepherd’s Wall offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike.
  3. Elbe River Valley: Explore the beautiful Elbe River Valley between the cities of Decin and Usti nad Labem. In the valley you will find many picturesque villages, castle ruins and other interesting places.

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