Maria's viewpoint - panoramic view of the Czech Switzerland

Maria’s Lookout is one of the most famous and popular lookout points in the Czech Switzerland. It is located on the top of Vilemínina Rock and offers a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding landscape, including the Lusatian Mountains, rock formations and the Elbe River. Get ready for a breathtaking trip that will introduce you to the beauty of Bohemian Switzerland from a bird’s eye view.

Planning a trip

A trip to the Mary’s Lookout is suitable for all ages, but especially for those who like to climb high metres. The starting point of the trip is the town of Jetřichovice, which is easily accessible by car, bus or train from nearby towns such as Děčín or Česká Kamenice.

Route of the trip

The trip starts in the town of Jetřichovice, where you will follow the green trail towards the Mary’s Lookout. The path leads through forest and meadows and is about 2.5 km long with an elevation gain of about 200 metres. Along the way, you can admire the beauty of the surrounding nature and enjoy panoramic views.

Mary’s View

After about an hour’s walk, you will arrive at Maria’s Lookout, where you will have a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. You will be able to see the peaks of the Lusatian Mountains, the rock formations of Bohemian Switzerland and the Elbe River flowing between the hills. Mary’s Lookout is an ideal place for a picnic, photography or simply for moments of peace and admiring the beautiful view.

Trip extension options

After visiting the Mary’s Lookout, you can extend your trip to other attractions and lookouts in the area:

  1. Vilemínina skála: There is another viewpoint on the top of Vilemínina skála near the Mary’s Lookout. You can visit it before or after visiting Mary’s Lookout and enjoy another spectacular view of the surrounding countryside.
  2. Jetřichovice viewpoints: In the vicinity of Jetřichovice there are several other viewpoints worth visiting, such as Rudolf’s Stone, Falcon’s Nest or Cross Hill. These viewpoints offer further breathtaking views of the Bohemian Switzerland region.
  3. Dolský mlýn: If you are interested in historical monuments, you can visit the ruins of

Dolský Mill, located in the romantic valley of the Kamenice River. This historic location is surrounded by beautiful countryside and offers the opportunity to walk around the area.

Practical information

Make sure you have plenty of water, snacks, appropriate clothing and good hiking boots before your hike to Mary’s Lookout. In the area of Bohemian Switzerland there is an entrance fee to the national park, so it is good to check the current prices and conditions in advance. Weather in the mountains can be variable, so it is advisable to monitor the current forecast and adapt your trip to the conditions. Don’t forget to take a camera or mobile phone with a good camera to capture the spectacular views from Mary’s Lookout and other places you visit.

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